Here are some pictures I've taken during Operation Enduring & Iraqi Freedom

   CW2 Danberry & Geraldo
I got to meet Geraldo

Click on the pictures below to make them larger

V Corps Rear G6 in Kuwait

V Corps Rear G6 in Iraq

3rd COSCOM G6 in Iraq


July 4th, Waiting for Arnold to get there

July 4th, the day Arnold came to visit

My friend Dave and I

This was the first Dave and I had seen each other in 3 years

Large Palace door in Baghdad

Notice me standing in front of the door?

3d COSCOM unit sign in Kuwait

Our living quarters for most of the time in Iraq

My cot in the corner with bug screen in Iraq

Major Sellers and me

One of the little buses I drove while in Iraq

3d COSCOM coin given to all soldiers while receiving our combat patch front side

3d COSCOM coin back side

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